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Feldspar uses ? applications ?

TAS Group certified standard, ISO 9001:2015Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 14001-2015 effective environmental management system (EMS). And OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.

TAS Flowrance group

About UsIn the light of a vital study and an accurate analysis of all the requirements of the project aiming from it and through its' activities to have 
a group of targets on top of which are:

First: The good investment of the wealth that Egypt is blessed and rich with. Such are: metals and raw materials like silica sand , phosphate rock, Quartz, Limestone , Dolomite , iron oxide , Kaolin , Talc ,gypsum , Feldspar ,Fluorite (Calcium Fluoride) , Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone, Filtration sand ,ilmenite , Surface ,Quartz lumps, potassium Feldspar, Talc lump, Talc powder..

Second: Contributing in the marketing process in scientific courage and with economical understanding through exporting silica sand ,  phosphate rock, QuartzLimestone , Dolomite , iron oxide , Kaolin , Talc ,gypsum  , Feldspar ,Fluorite (Calcium Fluoride) , Marble ,Granite ,Sandstone, Filtration sand ,ilmenite , Surface ,Quartz lumpspotassium FeldsparTalc lumpTalc powder to a group of markets in different world c…


Marble Marble is found in the shape of layers annexed to the schist rocks that exist adjacent to the serpentine rocks। Marble takes colors ranging from white, yellow to black including gray.
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Aswan is regarded as one of the most famous places where granite exists and is used as an ornament stone. Egyptian granite takes its fame for the beauty of its colors. There are pink red, dark red (Aswan granite), gray and black granites. It is also possible to extract big blocks of it free of cracks. The ancient Egyptians used it in the making of obelisks, statues and other monument
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