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Exporting phosphate Rock P2o5 from 18% to 30 % phosphate


phosphate rock Capacity and productions

Phosphate rock used in the detergent industry as assistant to ease water hardness, phosphates in agriculture have three elements to feed the plants used in the fertilizer industry. Of industrial uses of phosphate rock production of phosphoric acid and phosphate chemical production vehicles. The rock phosphate Egyptian types of phosphate relatively cannula in the world and is exported to some of the major industrialized countries such as Japan, India, Malaysia and Philippines  for many of the advanced industrial purposes. In terms of agricultural use, are the use of phosphate rock to produce calcium superphosphate fertilizer 15% ( P2O5 ) Btfail rock phosphate with sulfuric acid .

Phosphate rock Used to produce phosphate fertilizer, calcium super phosphate (Triple phosphate) reaction of phosphate rock with phosphoric acid.

Phosphate rock used in organic farming as well as with the use of bacteria-dissolving rock phosphate and there are some application such as:Phosphate rock use in fertilizers industry.
Phosphate rock is source of phosphor (P).
Phosphate rock is source of Uranium.
Phosphate rock use in the agriculture field.

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Silica sand suppliers and exporter

Egyptian Kaoline clay Quarry the Best Quality in The World

TAS Flowrance produce and exporting silica sand


silica sand Egypt

silica sand

silica sand In Egypt there are two main locations of high quality silica sand 1st, Zaafrana red sea and the 2nd, north and south Sinai , The reserves in Zaafrana area and Sinai are over thousands millions ton of high quality silica sand. Our group exporting annual around 250000-300000 metric ton from deferent Egyptian seaports in Egypt to overseas Customers.

Capacity and productions

TAS Flowrance produce Top quality of silica sand in Egypt which use for many applications which take the crystalline forms which supply the glass industries.

TAS Flowrance team qualified, working under stress to achievement high level of quality control for both chemical & sieves deferent size silica sand will be upon customers request & our mine silica sand availability.

TAS Flowrance have standard export packing silica sand  such as , jumbo bags new, second hand, polyethylene waterproof 50 kg bags and bulk silica sand in vessel upon customers requested.

TAS Flowrance produce and exporting silica sand for (filter media) which use for water treatment system, we are suppling worldwide groups with deferent standard.

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